Silver Bell Property


The Silver Bell property (North and South) covers most of the high elevation portions of the Glacier Creek mining camp. Potential for discovery of silver-bearing vein mineralization on the property, particularly those areas recently exposed by rapidly retreating icefields, is considered excellent.

The Silver Bell North and South claims are available for option.

Location & Property Status

The Silver Bell property is located 6 kilometres northeast of Stewart, British Columbia, at the headwaters of Glacier Creek. Silver Grail Resources Ltd. and Teuton Resources Corp. own the property jointly (50-50).


In 1910 the Glacier Creek mining camp was part of the Bear River mining district, one of the busiest exploration centers in British Columbia and encompassing an area situated within a twenty miles radius of Stewart. At that time the population of Stewart was 10,000 and neighboring Hyder (in Alaska) also had approximately 10,000 inhabitants. All of this activity was aimed at exploration and high-grading of numerous, primarily silver, occurrences, mostly vein deposits. Although several exploration booms followed after the discovery of the Premier (1920’s), Granduc (1960’s) and Eskay Creek mines (1990’s), Stewart has never again boasted a population comparable with this period.

Dozens of known silver-bearing showings are known to occur within and close to the Silver Bell claims Some of these, like the Columbia-Evening Sun vein (now covered by the Silver Bell property) have small resources, e.g., 118,000 tons @ 3.5oz/ton according to the government records (NOTE: these resources were calculated prior to the introduction of National Policy 43-401 and as such cannot be said to conform with the stipulations contained therein and consequently cannot be relied upon). Much higher grade, but smaller deposits, are also known. These include the L & L, Lakeview, Ruth and Francis, Black Hill, Sunshine, Nabob, Alice, RAF Copper and Silver Bow prospects.

Because of the intense ablation (meltback) of snow and icefields at high altitudes throughout the Stewart region, large tracts of virgin ground have come open. These, in particular, represent outstanding targets for prospecting. Several such areas are now exposed in the eastern portions of the Silver Bell claims and are considered excellent targets for exploration. Many of the larger discoveries in Stewart over the past forty years, have been discovered as a result of ablation. The Granduc and Red Mountain deposits are the most famous examples.

In early 2006, an Aeroquest helicopter airborne EM-Mag survey was completed over part of the Silver Bell and outlined numerous conductors. Ground-truthing has yet to be carried out